St Francis of Assisi strives to keep communication open between teachers, parents and students through our website, Facebook account, Instagram account and Compass Parent Portal.  

If you are a parent of our school, please ensure you have downloaded the Compass App to receive notifications from the school.  Your username and password will be given to you upon joining the school.  Please contact the front office if you do not have your login credentials or need help logging in.


Our newsletter is issued to all families fortnightly each Friday. The newsletter contains all relevant information pertaining to the life of our school and is sent to all families through the Compass Parent Portal.

Each weekly newsletter for the year can also be accessed below:

Reporting to Parents

Reporting fosters partnerships between parents, students and teachers, as well as providing a formal record of each student’s learning progress and achievement.

At St Francis of Assisi Primary School, reporting is the process of communicating the knowledge and understanding gained from assessing student learning. The key purpose of reporting is to support student learning by providing information to students and parents or carers about student achievement and progress and to indicate areas for further development.

At St Francis of Assisi Primary School, we afford every possible opportunity to parents to talk to teachers about their child’s progress; however, we do have a formal reporting schedule that is adhered to every year.

Schedule of Reporting

Term 1

Week 2

Parent Information Night

A Parent Information Night is conducted early in Term 1. Parents, students and classroom teachers have the opportunity to informally meet together. The Principal addresses the school community and introduces new staff to the school followed by a brief meet and greet in the classrooms. A community BBQ concludes the night.

Week 4

Personalised Plans

The Learning Support teacher (SWDs only), classroom teacher, parents and where appropriate the child meet to discuss personalised plans for students and to set goals, to be achieved throughout the year.

Week 8

The interim report is a snapshot of how your child has begun school. This allows parent to see the work habits and social skills student's are currently showing.

Term 2

Week 9

Semester One Reports

Semester One reports are sent home

A Grade Comparative Table available upon parent request

Week 10

An opportunity for parents to discuss the Semester One report is provided

Term 3

Week 10

Showcase Week

Each grade provides an opportunity throughout the week to showcase one of the major assessment tasks completed throughout the term. 

Term 4

Week 9

Semester Two Reports

Semester Two reports are sent home

A Grade Comparative Table available upon parent request

Week 10

An opportunity for parents to discuss the Semester Two report is offered