Welcome to the Canteen

The St Francis of Assisi Canteen aims to provide healthy food for our children.

The Canteen has implemented the 'Fresh Taste NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategies Policy' that the Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn has adopted, and is a not-for-profit but rather a service for busy parents/carers.

The Canteen is open Wednesday to Friday. Children can purchase a variety of healthy and tasty snacks at recess and lunch via the QKR App.

Parent assistance is always required in the Canteen and parents are asked to help out when able. Whether it’s a drop-in to see how we operate or stay for a while and help us to operate volunteers are always welcome. A current WWVP card is required for all volunteers.

There is no counter service and recess and lunch can both be ordered via the QKR app.

Please ensure the QKR App is set up to the correct grade and correct class for your child/ren.

You can contact the Canteen Manager via the Front Office or by email.

You can contact the canteen directly on 6292 7477.