Together we are Peacemakers who grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus


Together ~ we are in this together. The education of a child is not just left to the parent, nor the teacher. The home, school and parish all assist in raising the whole child- together. We value parent engagement and support at our school.


Peacemakers ~ is our motto. Our school draws on the vision of St Francis of Assisi who was a ‘peacemaker’ for all. St. Francis was a man of peace. In everything he did, he constantly sought to create peace between people, families, and cities. 


Grow and learn~ Teaching and learning is our core business. With joy, love and respect, we want our students to grow and learn as resilient people, who will continually develop the knowledge and skills to meet challenges, see opportunities and actively engage in an ever-changing world.


Footsteps ~ Our school logo is based on the San Damiano Cross, the cross that is hung in the Basilica of St Clare in Assisi, Italy. It spoke to St Francis of Assisi in 1212AD. Our logo contains cobblestones that include symbols of community members and symbolises steps on the journey of primary education. We believe we are on a journey and our role is to support all community members on this journey.


Jesus ~ As a Catholic School, we believe that Jesus is central to our lives. In our school, we follow the life of Jesus and aim to develop a relationship with Him - the example of His life, His ministry of teaching, His healing and the Good News He shared.