Specialist Support


Catholic Care provides the school with the services of a Counsellor on a regular basis (at least one day per week).   The role of the Counsellor is to be available to parents, students and teachers who seek some sort of advice or assistance with academic, social or behavioural matters.  Parents may request an interview with the Counsellor.  If teachers wish to refer a student to the Counsellor, parents are contacted and permission sought, prior to the Counsellor seeing the student.  Please contact the Front Office to make an appointment to speak with the Counsellor.   

Resource Team

The St Francis of Assisi Primary Learning Support Team includes our Learning Support Teachers, Reading Recovery Teachers, Numeracy Intervention Program Teacher and Learning Support Assistants.  The aim of the Learning Support program at St Francis of Assisi Primary is to support and encourage those children in the school whom, for a variety of reasons are referred by the classroom teacher or are assessed as Students with a Disability. 

The Learning Support team assists the classroom teacher to support students with their development with in-class support, small group support and individual withdrawal support.  Trained volunteers from our parent and parish communities also provide valuable assistance in the classroom with Guided Reading, Literacy, Maths and Gross Motor.  Our older students are also trained as Peer Tutors for the younger students in the school assisting with listening to reading and supporting their peers with reading strategies.