Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at St Francis of Assisi refers to the total climate of care of students within the school and is based on the belief in the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. Effective Pastoral Care requires the development of positive, quality relationships among parents, students, staff, the Parish Team and wider community, which are based on mutual respect, acceptance and trust.   The establishment of these Pastoral Care networks requires effective channels for communication, a structured approach to student support, just behaviour management procedures and appropriate crisis support.   The provision of satisfying and stimulating learning experiences which are relevant and challenging and which promote self-discipline, responsibility, initiative, creative leadership and a sense of achievement are fostered.   At St Francis of Assisi clear boundaries are set, and programs and policies have been established to serve these expectations and ensure that the rights and responsibilities of all members of the community are considered.   In doing so we strive to provide for the development of the whole person to full potential - social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.  

Pastoral Care Policy 


Social responsibility Policy - Student Support - Behaviour Management                        


  • School Rules
  • Playground Supervision Guidelines
  • Card System - including hierarchy of consequences.                       
  • Values Program                                    
  • Social Skills Program                            
  • Student Leadership Program                 
  • Awards System                                                            
  • House Teams                                                   
  • Buddy system                                                   
  • Protective Behaviours Program
  • Community Police Visits                                  
  • Seasons for Growth Program

School Rules

  •      Be Safe
  •      Be Respectful
  •      Be Responsible
  •      Be a Learner

Classes formulate their own set of class rules and consequences based on these four common rules at the beginning of each year.  


Values Program

Each fortnight a particular school value, drawn from to our school Mission Outcomes, will be the focus for attention for the whole school. Usually a symbol and a prayer associated with each value will be introduced. Teachers will follow-up each value with appropriate teaching in their classes.


Social Responsibility Policy

At St Francis of Assisi our motto is 'Peacemakers'.   As such we see the need for the children to develop self-discipline rather than have discipline imposed upon them.   The expectations are clearly defined and the children are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own actions. This policy guides students towards action in a socially responsible manner.  

The implementation of a Stars for monitoring and recording unacceptable behaviour patterns in students provides a clear pathway for effective action and communication between students, parents and staff.   

However we are also aware that most students endeavour to do their best in all areas at school and consequently are deserving of recognition. Our School Awards system recognizes best effort in all areas.  

Team Spirit is encouraged for all students at St Francis of Assisi. Upon enrolment each child/family is allocated a House Team. Children participate in School Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals in their respective House Teams. The Teams are:

Morrison (Red) - Named after pioneer family of the region .

Cunningham(Yellow) - Named after pioneer family of the region.

McCormack(Green) - Named after pioneer family of the region.

Polding (Blue) - Named after Archbishop Polding, founder of the Good Samaritan Sisters.