School Hours

School Hours

8:30 am Supervision of Playground by teachers commences
8:55 am Bell for children to line up in the Assembly Area on Hardtop behind the Library
9:00 am Whole School morning Assembly on the Hardtop
All children must be present
11:00 am Recess Bell
11:30 am End of Recess
1:05 pm Eating Time
1:15 pm Play time
1:45 pm End of Lunch
3:00 pm First bell - Pack up time, Pickers leave
3:05 pm

Children are dismissed and proceed to:

  • the designated Assembly Area for pick-up by parents.
  • the Bus Lines on the hard top to be accompanied to the Buses by teachers.
  • the BASCA assembly area where supervising staff will collect them for that day.

In wet weather, children are to be collected as per normal arrangements.


Supervision by teachers is provided daily from 8.30am until 3.20pm. For legal and safety reasons, children, other than those attending Before and After School Care, should not be on the school premises before 8.30am nor after 3.30pm . No child is permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours without a note or telephone call from a parent or guardian.

Attendance at School

In accordance with the requirements of the Education Act, parents are encouraged to train their children in the habit of regular attendance. Generally, each day's work is built upon the previous day's work and loss of time may upset the teaching/learning situation for the student and teacher. However, a child when ill or disturbed through family trauma, does not participate well and should be kept at home to receive the care needed for recovery. If a child is not well enough to attend classes, there is little likelihood that any great worth will result from 'extra work' being sent home from school.

For many reasons teachers are concerned if a child is absent from school and no explanation is received. To protect the school and safeguard the well-being of the child, the school should be notified of the child's absence by telephone. Upon returning to class, a note of explanation from a parent/guardian should be presented to the class teacher.