Homework is a method of communication between home and school. It enables you to become aware of the learning process and to monitor your child's progress.

Some classes use a weekly contract while others use a nightly homework activity. In addition, reading and listening to stories is strongly encouraged.

It is recommended that homework be consistent across each year level and be progressive from one year to the next. Upon completion of homework a parent's signature is required and the work is then returned to school for correction.

If students are experiencing difficulty with homework parents are urged to make contact with the class teacher.


Junior Primary

Teachers of Junior Primary classes may use their discretion in regard to a small amount of written homework. Apart from this reading, listening to stories and exposure to books is strongly encouraged wherever possible. A suggested timeframe is as follows:

  • Kinder - 10 minutes
  • Year 1 - 15 minutes
  • Year 2 - 20 minutes

Senior Primary

Written homework will not exceed 45 minutes nightly in senior primary classes. Additionally, reading and listening to stories should be encouraged as will the completion of unfinished tasks, when the child understands the concepts. A suggested timeframe is as follows:

  • Year 3 - 30 minutes
  • Year 4 - 30 minutes
  • Year 5 - 45 minutes
  • Year 6 - 45 minutes

Ordinarily, homework is not set for the weekend to allow families to have quality time together.