General School Notes

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Term 1

Term 2

Term 3 

Term 4

Whole School
2017 Swimming Carnival Information 489Kb
Kaye Lowe Reading Presentation Invite (233Kb)
ICAS Information (410Kb)
Cross Country Carnival Information 199Kb
Parental Engagement Forum 793Kb
Fete Newsletter T2 Wk7 1554Kb
Seasons for Growth Enrolment 362Kb
Seasons for Growth Parent 389Kb
Seasons for Growth Permission 118Kb
Media Release 95Kb
Fete Newsletter T2 Wk10 1183Kb
Fete Newsletter T3 Wk3 1280Kb
Michael Grose Presentation 838Kb
Community Council Nomination 2018 98Kb
September NDIS Info Sessions 568Kb
T3Wk9 Fete Newsletter 1900Kb
Footy Fever Day 157Kb
Skool Bag App Parent Instructions
Mission Mass Permission Note 177Kb 
Parent Training Seasons for Growth 177Kb
Fete Newsletter T4 Wk1 1481Kb
International Cuisine Day  178Kb
40km School speed zones 276Kb
Time Capsule Note 300Kb
Kindergarten Playground Excursion 205Kb
Year 1
Arboretum Excursion Parent Helper Note 113Kb
Year 1 Museum Excursion 123Kb
Year 1 Excursion Parent Helpers 113Kb
Year 2
Year 3
Reconciliation Retreat Day Permission 463Kb
Year 4
Eucharist Retreat Permission 464Kb
Eucharist Dates Reminder 167Kb
Yr 4 Sydney Excursion 205Kb
Sydney Itinerary 257Kb
Year 5
Year 6
Yr6 Certificate Note 182Kb
Yr6 Induction Note 111Kb
Yr6 Leadership Agreement 115Kb
Yr6 Camp 554Kb
Wakakirri Contribution Note 119Kb
Wakakirri Welcome 375Kb
Try a Day at St Clares & St Edmunds 210Kb
Yr 6 Confirmation Retreat Day Permission 392kb
Yr 6 Confirmation Dates 2017 184kb
My Hopes and Dreams for You 2017 406kb
Wakakirri Tickets Round 1 274Kb
Wakakirri Costume Helpers 105kb
Wakakirri Costume Requirements 242kb
Wakakirri Permission 245Kb
My Body My Life 334Kb
Yr6 Graduation Memorabilia 281Kb
Yr6 Excursion Snowy Hydro 262Kb
Yr6 End of Year Activities 288Kb