General Parent Info

Medical Information

If your child has any special medical needs e.g. asthma, allergies, epilepsy, it is essential that the school be given this information. Please obtain a copy of the Medication Policy from the office. Could you please supply the school with:

  • current photograph
  • current treatment in the event that your child may need attention at the school. 
  • completed medication authority if your child requires medication to be administered during school hours - medication will not be administered without this form being completed, or the procedures following.


If an accident occurs during school hours the following procedure would occur:

  • for minor accidents a staff member trained in first aid will treat, and if necessary inform parents
  • for more serious accidents parents and ambulance will be called i.e.broken limbs, serious cuts, burns etc.

Sickness at School

In the event that a child becomes ill at school they will be accompanied to the Sick Bay where they are cared for while parents are being contacted.

General Health

In accordance with the "ACT Government Sun Smart Policy" students at St Francis of Assisi must comply with the "No Hat, No Play" rule. A shaded area has been set aside for children to sit in if they do not have their hat. As per Cancer Council recommendation hats do not need to be worn in June or July.

Immunisation Details

The ACT Public Health Regulations have been changed to help prevent children from contracting the eight childhood vaccine preventable diseases. You must present an Immunisation Record form at the time of enrolment, or if your child is not immunised, follow the procedures set out by ACT Health. Children who are not immunised will be excluded when there is an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease in the School. Please refer to the ACT Immunisation Requirements booklet.

It is mandatory that you notify the school if your child contracts an infectious disease.

Absence for Family Holidays

Family holidays must be taken when they become due. Children in most cases, must and should accompany the rest of the family, but we see it as neither profitable nor practical to set formal written activities for a student during such a period.

Change of Address or Phone Contact Numbers

Should you change your address or phone number (work or home) could you please notify the school IMMEDIATELY . This would avoid the loss of valuable time in an emergency.