School Newsletter

Our School Newsletter - UMBRIA (name derived from the birthplace of St Francis of Assisi ) - is issued to all families each week (usually on a Thursday).   The newsletter contains all relevant information pertaining to the life of our school.   It is sent home with the eldest child of each family  or emailed to each family and all parents are encouraged to read it and discuss it as a family.  


Kindergarten Information

Towards the end of fourth term an Information and Orientation Morning for enrolling Kindergarten families is held.   While parents are at the meeting the children join the Kindergarten teachers for an introductory session at school.   The parent meeting provides information on the philosophy and routines of the school.   It provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions and visit the Uniform Shop.  

When forming classes, the school works in liaison with the local pre-schools so that children will be placed with friends and other children whom they know and cater to the individual educational needs of the children.    

Apart from a library bag, school bag, hat and uniform, children in Kindergarten have all stationery requirements provided by the school.